Every organization has a unique set of needs, specific to you. Because you have different needs, we have different solutions that will fulfill your hosting requirements. Use the chart below to find out which solution is best for you!

  Dedicated Servers Virtual Servers Colocation
Maintain network uptime X X X
Maintain hardware uptime and provide hardware replacement guarantee X X  
State-of-the-art Data Centre X X X
Dedicated support team X X X
Benefit from trusted vendor relationships X X X
SaskTel-owned servers X X  
Best-in-class environmental, data, and physical infrastructure security X X
Ideal for resource intensive applications    X* 
Ideal for optimizing your server usage   X X*
Ideal for owning and managing servers without building a Data Centre    
24/7 Hardware Support X X  
1 hour response time (on critical issues) X X  
Service Level - 99.7% X X  X
Flexible back ups and off-site storage X X  
24/7 Performance monitoring X X  
Preventative maintenance X X  
Customizable and managed firewalls X X  
Operating System software and support X X  
Monitoring and alarming solutions X X  
Database software and support   X**   X**  
Centralized file storage X X  
Secure remote access X X  
Hardware configuration and management X X  
Quick installation and scalability  X    X***
Short-term and month to month contracts  
Vulnerability assessments   X  X     X** 
* depends on customer specific configurations
** available at an extra charge
*** up to customer to do
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